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Hi. My name is Linda Haas Davenport and this is my genealogy spot on the web. I've had this site since 1997 and although information has been added and I've changed things over the years it's still sadly out of date. I recently moved hosting companies resulting in multiple broken links and other problems. I'll be working to update my site and repair those broken links. Please bear with me through all of this.

Here you will find not only information on my families' genealogy but helpful "How to Information" and lots of names that I have accumulated over the years that I cannot tie into my direct family lines.

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My Books: Taking the Mystery Out of Land Records is back in print. Check out the 3rd edition.
Washington County N.C.: Abstracts of Deed Books A-B-C (1799-1814) The hardcopy of the book is sold out, but it's available in pdf format. The links to the indexes are also here.

Timelines of Interesting Happenings from The American Colonies and Around the World

The Learning Center - Seems to be everyone's favorite spot here. Lots of "How-to" information.

Genealogy Mine and other people's. While you are there see if you can't give a home to one of my "orphans".

Lots of Names During our research we all end up with information and lists of names of one kind or another. Here's where you'll find all of my lists.
    I would venture to guess most family historians have boxes of paper, scraps of information and collected stuff scattered all over their computer. I'm no different. My newest project is to organize all that data for the Davenport & Haas names, source it, and add it to a new search engine that is being built for me. It's certainly going to take time. As soon as the search engine is tested and complete the link will be on this page.

Newspaper Abstracts I used to abstract old newspapers from Indian Territory (Ft Gibson, Muskogee), Tulsa OK and Washington Co NC. Although I enjoyed sharing this information there are now so many digitized newspapers available on the web I'm no longer doing this.

My Awards - I'm very proud of them!

Great Links Links to fun & unusual places. Be sure to get something to eat and drink before you visit!

If you don't find your ancestors here on my site check out other Homepages for the same surnames

FamilyTreeDNA Davenport Project
Davenport DNA Project is a more detailed site, with Davenports broken down in categories. If you've taken a DNA test and you have Davenport ancestors be sure to check out this page.

FamilyTreeDNA Haas Project. Haases from all over

I'm also the webmaster of the Marion Co AR and Tulsa Co, OK websites and the Turley OK Historical Society site. If you have family from these areas you might want to drop by.

I have a "Davenports of North Carolina" page on Facebook

A site dedicated to free genealogy on the web please pay it a visit! The USGenWeb Project.

The welcome graphic, background and most of the graphics found on other pages were created (many especially for my pages) by Rhio Gillis, a very talented and fine artist. Please drop by her graphic site

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